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There are generally two ways rendering companies charge for rendering: a custom quote for the project, or a price per image. At Albi Digital, we prefer custom quotes because every client’s project and needs are unique.  There are two things we take in to account before starting your project

1. The type of project


The Architectural  project: These renderings are usually used to illustrate what the building design and materials look like in context in natural lighting. Ideal for gaining approval from regulatory bodies, this project is generally cheaper in cost and is used to serve simply as a communication of plans or idea's usually on a tight deadline. 

The Marketing project:  These projects are used to “wow” customers.  More time and attention to detail are spent because they must be high quality, photo realistic and overall more visually stunning renders.  Because of the extra time taken to push them to the next level they tend to cost more.

It is important that you communicate what your needs are prior to the start of a project as most companies are capable of offering these different price points.

2. The number of renderings needed

In some cases more than one camera view is required for a project.  Whether it be two views from the street, one from the back of the property, possibly the roof showcasing a rooftop terrace and pool.  An exterior view and a couple of interiors.  Possibly you need an exterior still image plus a video tour of a condo space.  At Albi Digital we are able to give package prices when more than one rendering is required.  In many cases the workload is not doubled by adding additional views.  When we know your needs in advance,in lieu of ordering renderings seperately we can give you the best package possible while saving time and money.



As mentioned above turnaround time depends on needs of the client. Be cautious of companies advertising 48-72 hour turnaround as it is likely you will get a cookie cutter image with no customization.  It is best to budget 1-2 weeks of time for your rendering project to ensure you receive a high-quality, photo realistic image. This way, the company will work to satisfy your needs and complete your project to the highest of standards. 

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