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3D rendering is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet.  In the most basic terms, 3D rendering is a computer generated three dimensional representation created in specialized software by using wire frame models, also know as polygon models that have been given properties such as texture, color, and physically based materials which mimic the real life properties of surfaces.  The 3D artist then ads physically based lighting to the final 3D scene breathing life into your design.  Finally a two dimensional photograph, or animation is calculated (rendered) giving you a final product that you can share with clients either through print, digital reproduction, virtual reality presentations or as video in your show room.  You probably don't realize it, but you see 3D renderings every day.  Just a quick look at the Ikea website and you will realize that the images are not photographs of their product, rather they are 3D rendered images of the furniture. in fact most product advertisements are now created through the use of 3D rendering visualizations. 

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